Blonde Finishing Beer at Oktoberfest

2008, Germany, Munich

A blonde girl loving all of the attention at Oktoberfest 2008 in Munich, Germany. All around here, she was the centre of attention of all of the beer loving hordes at the festival.

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Girl Cycling Away

2008, Germany, Munich

A girl cycles away from the camera down a street in Munich, Germany in Neuhausen. I didn’t have a bike with me but I wanted to catch up with her and ask her for an ice cream. C’est la vie.

Taken on April 6 2008

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Atocha Plantation

2008, Madrid, Spain

Inside the Atocha train station at Madrid, Spain in March 2009. I was waiting for a train to Barcelona when I wandered around and noticed the amazing greenery inside the station. I took this photo of other passengers passing time like me before their next connection.

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