Wandering On The Beach Under The Clouds #achillisland #achill #keelbeach #atlanticocean #irishcoast

2016, Achill, Ireland

A young family is walking on a deserted Keel beach with incredible scenery in front of them. Soft, white, dreamy clouds provide a cover over a deep blue Atlantic Ocean framed by jagged cliffs and golden soft sand. The strand makes the figures look distant and isolated from the rest of the beach.

Unused Lifebuoy – Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland – 23 April 2016

2016, Achill, Ireland

But a print of this photo.

Keel beach is empty, unusual for a Golden sunny day. The island of Inishgalloon off Achill Island sets the scene in perfect splendour as soft, white clouds drift silently overhead. The view is inspirational but isolationist at the same time.